Get Insurance with Range Rover Finance

Not many people are aware of the fact that you can get good value insurance with Range Rover Finance. Whether you have a Range Rover, Discovery or Sport finance can be arranged.
Whenever you think of insuring through the main dealers you immediately think high cost. However, range Rover offer a very cost-effective Insurance service with special features for the range Rover.

One of the best things I found when using range Rover Insurance was that if there was an accident I knew that all the new parts fitted were genuine range Rover parts and not substitutes. Moreover all the repairs were carried out through the range Rover main dealers where the staff and mechanics are highly trained and the technicians are fully aware of each part. Also all the tools and equipment used to fix your range Rover are approved by range Rover. So you know that you are having an high-quality service for your money.
range rover finance

What Range Rover Finance adds to your policy

Not only did I have peace of mind that the correct parts and fittings would be in used in the fixing of my Range Rover but I also found that even the standard policy had features which other policies didn’t have. The main and most important feature to me, was that Range Rover Finance promised to fix my vehicle so that it was back to the condition it was in before the accident. There was also a five year guarantee for all the bodywork repairs I had had done which is definitely not offered by other Insurance providers in their standard policies.

One of the benefits are having this in place meant that after my accident my range Rover had not decreased in value. So when I went to part-exchange my range Rover for a new range Rover I was offered a very competitive price.

Promotions with Alpha Romeo Finance

I was recently looking to part exchange my Alpha Romeo and found that Alpha Romeo Finance have many good promotional deals available for both cash buyers and those looking for part-exchange and finance. When I went into the main dealer I found that the salesman was very helpful and was able to find Deal that was suitable to my budget. The quotation they gave me was bespoke with very clear information and a very competitive price.
Alpha Romeo Finance

It is easy to set up the promotional deal. I just gave them my bank details, provided them with two forms of identification and they carried out a few credit checks and my loan was approved within minutes.

Insurance cover with Alpha Romeo Finance.

I don’t usually purchase a payment protection plan whenever I buy anything. However, this was such a large sum the salesman did recommend that I purchase a comprehensive plan which provided me with cover for unemployment, ill health and accidents and even against the car being stolen or written off. What I liked about the salesman at the Alpha Romeo dealership was that he was keen to find the deal that suited me and did not become pushy in anyway but actually helped me weigh up the pros and cons of taking of the policy.

I came away from there feeling confident that should anything go wrong I would be totally covered and not be left out of pocket. The policy documentation was emailed to me that day and I was also sent hard copy by post. To comply with insurance and regulations I was also given a 14 day cooling off period. I would recommend Alfa Romeo Finance to anyone looking for a new Alfa Romeo.

Repairs with Ferrari Finance Dealerships

I recently purchased a brand-new Ferrari F149 form is with Ferrari finance. I took advantage of the 4 year deal which allowed me to make regular monthly payments and at the end of the four years I could give the car back and get another brand new car. However I had a little problem. As many of you are aware the Ferrari is very low on the road hence, it is susceptible to high kerbs, speed bumps and it is really easy scuff the bumper at the front.

Well that is just what happened to me the front bumper had an altercation with a slightly higher than average wayside kerb and came off the worse for it. So I was in a bit of a quandary not knowing what to do as I knew Ferrari would inspect the vehicle and would not allow me to return it at the end of the 4 years.

SMART Repairs with Ferrari Finance

To get the bumper repaired I took the Ferrari to a main dealership and got a quote for repair. To my dismay the cost came to £1450 which I thought was a bit pricey for just touching up the bumper. So I took the car to a private body specialist who specialised in classic cars. The specialist advised me that the damage was not as bad as the dealership made it out to be and could be repaired at a much lower cost of just £750.

Ferrari Finance
The repair took just over three hours to do and the dealership and said that it would take two days. Some of the scratches were quite deep so the specialist filled them with a filler then used a primer followed by 2 coats of the final finish paint. I was very pleased with the results my car locks like never had a bump. Finally when I took the car in to Ferrari Finance to be exchanged there was no problem and I now have a brand new Ferrari on the road once again.