Get Insurance with Range Rover Finance

Get Insurance with Range Rover Finance

Not many people are aware of the fact that you can get good value insurance with Range Rover Finance. Whether you have a Range Rover, Discovery or Sport finance can be arranged.
Whenever you think of insuring through the main dealers you immediately think high cost. However, range Rover offer a very cost-effective Insurance service with special features for the range Rover.

One of the best things I found when using range Rover Insurance was that if there was an accident I knew that all the new parts fitted were genuine range Rover parts and not substitutes. Moreover all the repairs were carried out through the range Rover main dealers where the staff and mechanics are highly trained and the technicians are fully aware of each part. Also all the tools and equipment used to fix your range Rover are approved by range Rover. So you know that you are having an high-quality service for your money.
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What Range Rover Finance adds to your policy

Not only did I have peace of mind that the correct parts and fittings would be in used in the fixing of my Range Rover but I also found that even the standard policy had features which other policies didn’t have. The main and most important feature to me, was that Range Rover Finance promised to fix my vehicle so that it was back to the condition it was in before the accident. There was also a five year guarantee for all the bodywork repairs I had had done which is definitely not offered by other Insurance providers in their standard policies.

One of the benefits are having this in place meant that after my accident my range Rover had not decreased in value. So when I went to part-exchange my range Rover for a new range Rover I was offered a very competitive price.