Promotions with Alpha Romeo Finance

Promotions with Alpha Romeo Finance

I was recently looking to part exchange my Alpha Romeo and found that Alpha Romeo Finance have many good promotional deals available for both cash buyers and those looking for part-exchange and finance. When I went into the main dealer I found that the salesman was very helpful and was able to find Deal that was suitable to my budget. The quotation they gave me was bespoke with very clear information and a very competitive price.
Alpha Romeo Finance

It is easy to set up the promotional deal. I just gave them my bank details, provided them with two forms of identification and they carried out a few credit checks and my loan was approved within minutes.

Insurance cover with Alpha Romeo Finance.

I don’t usually purchase a payment protection plan whenever I buy anything. However, this was such a large sum the salesman did recommend that I purchase a comprehensive plan which provided me with cover for unemployment, ill health and accidents and even against the car being stolen or written off. What I liked about the salesman at the Alpha Romeo dealership was that he was keen to find the deal that suited me and did not become pushy in anyway but actually helped me weigh up the pros and cons of taking of the policy.

I came away from there feeling confident that should anything go wrong I would be totally covered and not be left out of pocket. The policy documentation was emailed to me that day and I was also sent hard copy by post. To comply with insurance and regulations I was also given a 14 day cooling off period. I would recommend Alfa Romeo Finance to anyone looking for a new Alfa Romeo.